Monday, November 1, 2010

Memoir Seorang Lelaki V

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by Perachun Kalbu on Monday, September 20, 2010 at 12:12pm

time : 11.35am
location : @ my office..
mode : an expression from my thought.. (dont take it seriously dear.. this just only a poem)

good day all..
nothing much to say..
juz trying to experimental my thought along my pass n present off my so-called life..

Long Ago I Was Left Behind..

Long ago I was left behind
Lonely and sad my heart was in a bind
For many years I had given up all hope
Living many years feeling like a dope

Many times I thought I found that special friend
After having some fun I was just alone in the end
On love I had given up
Looking down at life's empty cup

Then one day I found you by chance
We noticed each other at a glance
Chatting and flirting we fell in love
We seemed to fit each other like a glove

We told each other many things
Sharing in all our past pains
I thought you would be my mate
Even though we hadn't been on a date

Then one night
When you weren't in sight
You told I am lied
And You dont ever trust me even I've tried

It is a shame
Only me to blame
I told you a lie
I now wonder why

I broke your heart
I did my part
I told you the lie
I wonder why

I made you cry
With that bad lie
You said it wasn't to be
Now you are gone from me

I can only cry
It was all for the lie
Now I am sad I feel so bad

Why did I lie
I wonder why
You came to me
I should have kept it be

Why did I lie I wonder why..

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